Thursday, November 17, 2011

Black & Blue.

I'm totally obsessed with blue, I've always have loved it mixed with it's the ultimate trend, and I'm definitely thrilled...

Sono completamente ossessionata dal blu in tutte le sue sfumature, e l'ho sempre abbinato al nero xchè chicchissimo e non convenzionale, vederlo ora su tutte le passerelle e' semplicemente divino...

              First and second pics are Marni Autumn-Winter 2011 Collection

Above Stella McCartney Autumn-Winter 2011 Collection.

Source: fashion shows. Thank you.


  1. Al contrario io non li ho mai abbinati poichè trovavo l'accostamento poco chic..Ora sembra che dovrò ricredermi! xoxo

  2. Hi beauties!!! Thanks for comments!!! Have a nice day!!!! xoxo

  3. Ciao ;)
    thank you for your comment on my last post!
    ...ho visto questo blog et...mi piace :)
    I´m your new follower now, and i hope you will get mine ;) I love Italy, do you live really in the centre of Rom? Next summer, maybe i´m going to Rom for an aupair year :)

  4. @xoxo s thanks for following!!! Thanks for following!!! Yes I live in Rome, hope to meet you when you're here!! xoxo

  5. I love the first outfit! I love pairing the 2 colors with a brightly colored shoe. It always makes for an interesting outfit.

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